This is a short story in which i am going to tell how HOW TO NOT BECOME YOUR OWN WORST enemy dealing with otherkin fucktards online:

1) Firstly you have to realize that they might CLAIM (just say) they have superpowers, meaning they DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE IT;

2) Your mind is your own worst enemy if you really fall for that shit that the “powerful” otherkin demon is going to get you, by attacking you on a psychic level – meaning do not create your own demon in your head, that has nothing to do with the OTHERKIN roleplayer – don’t create a powerful being that is out to get you IN YOUR MIND, and allowing it to destroy you inside of you;

3) Lastly you need to be aware of HOW THEY PROVE THEMSELVES TO BE TOTAL FRAUDS, to be able to win this game in your head – a monster that is truly powerless cannot hurt you in your head, and in fact should not even exist in your head as something worthy of consideration.

4) PS: GUARD AGAINST YOUR OWN FEELINGS, fears AND INSECURITIES, they are the ones that conjure the imaginary monster inside of your head.


  1. buboauxilium says:

    Credible otherkin don’t actually do these things. But sadly a larger crowd of edgy,fluffy teen wolves infact do… it’s quite saddening that both you and I deal with the same retards but you will probably bunch me up as the same as them. Oh well

    • hi guy, your blog does not seem to have much content.

      you think you might be different from them, but it might be possible that you are fooling yourself.

      But I can see you are young, and a seeker, you would probably grow up strong minded, unlike the otherkin fluffs you speak off, and I believe you are on the right track.

      The reason why I say you would be different when you grow up, is because there are adults in the otherkin community, who has not yet seen the FLUFF going on, it makes them look stupid, despite them claiming to be magical or mystical.

      thank you for your comment.

      • buboauxilium says:

        Thanks, I lost track of my time and never really worked well on my blog. I am young, yes I realize this. And I have a lot to learn of the world and the otherkin community. I know many adults in the community. As of now they either (which is in ways very bad.) Bash on fluff and expose them or just ignore it. I try my best not to bash but to inform but sadly they cry oppression most of the time. Nonetheless thank you foe your time and responding to my comment in a mature way, because most don’t. That’s very appreciated.

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