Horoscope Today: Don’t Give a hand to pirannah-kin

Your Florence Nightingale side might make an appearance today, Cancer. Your default defense is to take care of yourself and others. That’s fine, but make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t deplete your vital life force. The key is to offer advice and then leave the situation. You aren’t responsible for others’ actions. Offer information, but leave the final decision up to the person you’re trying to help.

Keep calm and Don’t save the otherkin. They don’t need saving.

I am mad at otherkin fuckheads…because they are just an online pestilence.

They are malicious pieces of shit….some even have pedophilic tendencies…preying on teenagers who want attention by getting onto the otherkin community scene in the first place. Seeking love in all the wrong places.

They act like online predators preying on the weakminded and ignorant…to flatter people with bullshit so that they can feel in control a little while forgetting about their out of control lives in real life.

What is the point that i am trying to make here?

When someone tries to look out for these stupid kids on the internet…then they are the ones that get trolled, flagged and harassed. With the consequence that no one would want to protect these kids any more…because they act like retarded trash that wants to get conned by online predators.

Respecting people’s freewill is what I am struggling with even if it means them getting themselves into some serious shit belonging to an otherkin community run by psychopathic arseholes.

In a sense I think these kids deserve to be fucked over by these “predatory otherkin”…because being an otherkin seem to give them the right to act like total fuckheads…respecting no one and not even themselves.

I believe I AM BEYOND WORRYING about stupid kids joining the sick otherkin cult(s).

Maybe I only wanted to save myself from myself and am truly affronted by the otherkin community in general since getting fucked over by a lot of them when I did not know any better.

I guess everyone has their own road to walk…and those who do not want to listen to the experience of someone who was there already…well that is their loss.

The otherkin community is a place for retards and the less spiritually inclined to be.

I have been hurt and harassed by people claiming to be special….who think they are more important than others and desire to be worshiped like that. I say no more…at least for me…these people are nothing but cheap attention seeking whores who tell you lies to flatter you into oblivion so that your eyes cannot open up to the fact that they are just manipulating you for some ego kick…to get off on the idea that they can mess with and twist the heads of people in any way they want.

If you want true spirituality or truth…if you are a seeker…you won’t get what you are searching for amongst a bunch of psychopathic morons…who are only part of the otherkin community to be a pestilence to people in general…they are not part of the otherkin cult for spiritual reasons…they are clearly only there to learn how to be better bigotted arseholes who everyone learns to hate in the end.

I am mad at myself for beinf so stupid thinking they were cool in the first place… yet I am glad they proved themselves to be total hypocrites.


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