Otherkin Living in Fear of Being Human

So I realized after reading an article written by someone who compare otherkin individuals to people who are autistic or suffer from aspereger syndrome.


So I was thinking that these people are AFRAID of being human, they lack any true feelings toward the outer world, they cannot communicate with people on an empathic level, they are mainly anti-social and apathetic in nature.


Can we perhaps denote this odd behaviour to some sort of DISTRUST in humans in general…and not just misanthropy but a genuine fear for human beings or being associated for them, because maybe humans disappointed them so much in their life, they just do not want to be seen as one of those “evil monsters” who broke them while they were growing up?!


Maybe they are afraid to FEEL because when they opened up to the world, and let the world in, the WORLD ABUSED what they came to give.


ANYHOW, I still cannot see how this would help them see that when they act this way they are in fact being just as cold and evil like the “humans” who hurt them.  When they close themselves off from the world, and acting cold hearted – even if they were abused into this mindset – it does not negate the fact that they ACT JUST LIKE THEIR ABUSERS.


And did their abusers believe they were HUMAN themselves? Probably… and HUMANS HAVE?….FLAWS!!!


What I find incredibly interesting in terms of the entire thing – is that OTHERKIN want to act as saviours to people….but how can do that if they truly lack empathy, in the sense that they have not learned that everybody has mistakes due to being human? They just cannot be teachers to others or truly care for them IF THEY CANNOT ACT from a place of acceptance and forgiveness regarding themselves and others…because they lack the ability to find common ground amongst differences that are really not that different between people.


Nice to know I’m about the sanest mo-fo on here now

 But nah, not on here, IS has become a cesspool of psychotics I can’t cure all these delusions yall are too crazy, you guys aren’t even talking about being “INDIGO” anymore, yall over here talking to trees named “Bob” BOB? come the fuck on people!!  I’mma mermaid, I’mma horney ass Saytar , I’mma fairy, I’mma wolf running around pinning tails on your asses, I’mma accended master, I’mma arch angel, I’mma galactic crackhead, I’mma wizard, outside making a wand..lol


What can we learn from the post above, that everyone who claims to be either a lightworker or any otherkin person, have lost track of what it means to be otherkin, and are too much focussed on being otherkin instead… they are not here to heal people or themselves, they are not here to teach people anything about life…since they live in denial of who they really are…and would rather escape from their problems than face them head on to be a true positive inspiration to people.


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