How To Know When An Otherkin Is Faking It?

  1. they have various kintypes, at one moment they are a fae (fairy), the next a werewolf or vampire, which is a clear indication that they don’t know who the hell they really are.
  2. they cannot engage in any sort of spiritual conversation,
  3. all they talk about is how fake other people are, and how wonderful they are as the non-wannabees in their little cult.
  4. they want to form different packs or cults, to show off, they only have online packs, to instill fear in people’s hearts or to get respect, and to compete with other otherkin, because each otherkin want to be more special than the next.
  5. they want to be mentors to people, or teachers….especially to teenagers online…yes you get adult otherkin who mess with kids for some ego kick, telling them a bunch of lies so that they can get attention, and be seen as something wonderful, to forget for just one moment how messed up their lives truly are outside of the internet,
  6. they would even take off their clothes for attention, giving out nude pinups of themselves, or make up other lies about how wonderful their lives are….pretending they are superstars of some kind like a model in their spare time, or an author, or even pretending to be something like jesus here to save all.
  7. they would pretend that they are flawless and everyone else have flaws and should be hated for it – the same flaws they have  *facepalm*
  8. they are good at trolling and calling people names, but they know nothing about spirituality, they cannot have any decent discussion about spiritual beliefs, because they are not in the otherkin community for SEEKING ANSWERS and questioning things, they are only there to tell lies about themselves for attention;
  9. They will go very far to defend their otherkin “title”, report people left and right on online communities JUST TO PROVE that they are right…and that is the only way they can “fight”…meaning they are terribly insecure about themselves and cannot handle opposing viewpoints, they would rather die than speak to a skeptic that remind them of how messed up they really are…which is a clear indication that they do not want to work on their problems at all, and deny having any….everyone else has a problem except for them.
  10. they want to be teachers but are only there to troll and leave idiotic and insulting comments.


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