Reminders for otherkin today

Well the way otherkin remain in their shell is by simply calling everyone trolls, and hating on everybody, and when they cannot troll the skeptics, they troll the otherkin…

i just do not see how trolling, and always hating on everybody IS HELPING THEM develop into the WISE HUMAN BEINGS they deem themselves to be.

It is as if they have nothing better to do with their lives, than to spread endless hatred and negativity on everybody around them.

They make themselves off to be spiritual but they are not truly seekers, not at all.

And that is why the otherkin community is a place for closed minded indivuals…

It is as if though they live in some box…where they escape in…where they are perfect and can curse everyone else as imperfect and evil outside of it.

They also cannot compare things nor question beliefs.

It is their way of keeping “safe”… in my view there is nothing that differentiates them from zealots of an organized religion.

It is just a very closed minded community in general…of which members belonging thereto are more concerned with egotistic needs than anything else.

The otherkin community is nothing but a shallow popculture that feeds on the insecurities of its members.


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