my girlfriend just “came out” to me as an “otherkin” and a “multiple system” and I don’t know what to do because I really really like her but I had never heard of these things until now and it sounds fucking insane help

I agree, the otherkin community is very toxic, and true spiritual development does not occur there….especially when everyone is taught to run away from their problems instead of facing it.

I would probably give the same advice to the guy, since otherkin DO NOT WANT TO BE HELPED.


You will be hated for it.

Maybe the guy should leave the girl for a while until she grows up.

But if he really loves her, he can stick it through…..he should just beware that he does not get dragged down by it all.

There are otherkin working in toxic pairs… as long as he can balance her “otherkin-insanity” out a bit by a dash of rationality, there would be no problem.

A boyfriend should be there to support his girlfriend yes….but OTHERKIN do not want support, they think and believe what they want.

Some say they are screaming for attention, yet the question of is it healthy attention they seek comes to mind.

Anyhow, the guy has to make his own decision.

I think all people have a little magic in them, but a loving partner would probably not encourage narcissism, to the point where it becomes destructive to his mate.


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